2017 Pool Service Programs

We offer flexible service schedules to fit your individual needs. Below you will find a list of programs offered. Select the best maintenance program for you. Please call us if you have any questions.
Service includes:
-Pool vacuuming, regular maintenance on filter system and backwashing if necessary, up to one hour.
-Water testing; pool will be balanced every other week based on program selected. (samples return to the showroom for computer analysis)
-We will add chemicals as needed. Normally a stock of maintenance products will be left at your residence for our use and replenished as necessary. Types of chemicals on hand would include: chlorine, shock and algaecide.
Programs offered:
(Please Check One)
( )Weekly service: Normally takes place on a specific day of the week. Water is balanced twice a month.
(Balancing chemicals and parts necessary for repairs are additional)

( )Bi-Monthly service: Normally takes place twice a month. Water is balanced once a month.
(Balancing chemicals and parts necessary for repairs are additional)

( )As needed/ per call basis: Just give us a call. No need to commit. You let us know when you could use our service. Water is typically not balanced, but you can obtain a copy of the analysis report from our showroom any time.

Rate of Pool Service: $89.00 per man hour
(after 1 hour, billed in ½ half hour increments)

Upon acceptance of this service contract we ask that you provide us with a credit card This card will be charged during the current pool season for services rendered.


City_________________State________Phone Number___________________________

Desired Start:____________Email:___________________________________________

Acceptance of service contract:______________________________________________

Credit Card # _____________ - _____________ - _______________ - ______________

Expiration Date: _____________Security Code_________Billing zip code:_________
*Work will be performed by a trained pool technician*