Enhance the beauty of an existing pool or put the classic finishing touch on your new Matrix pool. Chic patterns are available for the discriminating pool owner. From concept to design, every pattern is a work of art.

Handcrafted quality, computer drafting precision and tastefully designed patterns unite to create a durable, beautiful and exact fitting vinyl pool liner. Using only the finest virgin vinyl material, Vinyl Works protect their pool liners with a clear acrylic coat, making them resistant to ultraviolet rays, bacteria, chlorine, fungus, algae and mildew.

Celebrating 50 years of excellence, Vinyl Works has developed TRUEDGE. Available on most patterns, TRUEDGE design technology allows the sidewall pattern to run seamlessly into the bead, eliminating the unnatural line of color at the leading edge of most vinyl liners. TRUEDGE patterns will enhance the visual appeal of any pool with the true look of tiling craftsmanship. Hat City Pools and Vinyl Works have combined to offer an Unprecedented Gold Warranty, which covers labor and materials for five years on manufacturers defect. Hat City Pools is proud to offer our customers Vinyl Works liners. Put the industry's leading technology to work for you!

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