Imagine the possibilities...

Beginning each day with a soak in your spa, leaving you feeling rejuvenated and ready for whatever your day may bring.

Imagine the possibilities...

Ending your day relaxing in your spa as your day melts away, looking forward to a restful night of sleep.

Imagine the possibilities...

Forget the dinner table conversation. Family time is greatly enhanced by using your spa as a gathering place to catch up on the day.

Imagine the possibilities...

As your aches and pains vanish. Immersed in warm water, your body responds physiologically, blood flow increases which improves circulation for an overall healthier lifestyle.

By making your hot tub a part of your daily ritual, you can get more out of each day in as little as fifteen minutes! Don't you have fifteen minutes to spare?

We are pleased to partner with a green-friendly company like Leisure Concepts. As an environmentally sensitive company, they reuse plastic waste bi-products and only green-friendly liquids during production. They are the leading producer of high quality after market products in the spa industry, giving you more ways to enhance your spa experience.

Core Covers design and produce hot tub covers for major spa manufacturers. Core has been working to provide quality products that work to reduce waste in the environment. They exceed environmental standards by recycling raw scrap and waste as possible. They have pioneered many innovations that have become industry standards, including becoming a spa and hot tub cover manufacturer to exceed specific safety requirements set forth by the ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials). They have continued their role as a leader in the industry by also obtaining UL classifications for safety on every model hot tub cover they make. Core Covers outlast other covers by years, and every Core Spa Cover is backed by a full 3 year non-prorated warranty.

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